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To Andres Vasquez Lasso and Luis Huesca
Brother Buddies

They were two friends
from the time they met
-true brother buddies right away!
as good as you get!
In police school together
and somehow instant brothers forever
=but was it only one fate meeting another fate?
like some fate-filled magnet?
-each to be a police officer.
each shot because of a serving heart
for each had died - just a year apart!

So we angels stepped quickly in,
:Lets make things better right now for them!
for fate someday is looming.
But these are brother at heart
and could be best of friends,
blest of friends so soon and -
They'll help each other in their studies
and in future police work.
And perhaps in all their dedication 
and with our help - all this "fate" we see
they could shirk!

Such a drive each man has!
such a mission to succeed!
such a goodness and loyality
that makes crooks and evil scramble
away from Chicago and you and me!

Such friends to the edn!
Buddies with buddy angels now - us!
whom all Heaven did send.
Oh nothing! no fate, no way can sway itself unto them!
as long as they become everything they must.

For such an aura they each have
-like golden saints of old,
ancient knights who defended kingdoms
wielding sacred swords so bold
so that only goodness and mercy could follow them
in their radience of gold!

Now they are new police officers graduating from page, to Knave, to loyal Knights
into the realm of defenders
wearing a uniform over the steely chain mail
of determination
like the mantle of legends of olden officers,
whose legacy story rests upon them 
by day or night.

Why we must have mis-read those fatefilled visions,
those angel visions we once had!
for these two men back in early days of old!
For they are so blest and graced
by heavenly powers untold!

So we their gifted angels 
now must only smile at such brothers!
-and all our help and graces lend.
Buddies with buddy angels now!
whom all heaven to them did certainly send!

There are some who are born as brothers
-in the same lineage of a family.
Yet not these special ones! Not them!
-but like we angels related to each other
by God, and of God, and for god eternally!

-just to do His work
and support each other
and proclaim to all
how being buddy brothers
is something gifted

to those called deep in mission
for all th be inspired by
and for all to see!

-So like us! - brother buddies these!
are angel soldiers - even thought police
are like Gabriel and Michael, Raphael and Chamnel - (angel of love and relationship harmony)
inspiring warriors
with their angel-individual
talents and personalities!
-yet with mission too so giftedly
to glow forth gifts
so heaven - sent true
before other humans to witness
all they can do! . . .

Oh Andres and Luis! This is you!
and all being police brothers,
friendship brothers and real brothers
and perhaps better than any born of the same Mother
could ever be!
For you two from far separate families
were born only of the same mission of god
-just like angelic angels we!
truer than true brothers were born
in the heavenly truths
of God our Father
so tremendously!

And so two friends 
walking their different beats
sometimes for lunch got to meet
or on a Saturday at one of their families.
they talked about the Chicago challenges
and Chicago crime
and how to make things better on everytime.

And each come to each other's side
with words of hope
that reverberated in the heavens
shaking all the angels down!
especially when one brother buddy
prayed for the other
as he patroled in some dangerous
part of town . . .

To his brother - that prayer
opened ways, routes, streets and alleys
that at first even we angels could not see.
But only with a true brother's prayer guiding us
it was a faith-filled better way
than G.P.S. could ever be!

Oh Father in Heaven-
how ewe Thank Thee!
we angels are so privileged 
to watch over and near
to such brother buddies as These!

For not all human friends
are gifted as family in this way.
All Heaven always heard
when 'er one said a prayer
for the other on any day.

Yet fate stepped in -
and took one friend away.

"Oh what is this "fate"? -
Certainly not an angel!",
-we angels ever say!
"The will of God?"
"Why I don't think it works that way!."

"Maybe the free-will air
or hours or dealings that for good humans
because of evil humans
often comes to play!".

Why that's what we angels stepped in upon and saw!
-and tried to stop it's menacing way!
back when we saw only looming fate
-but then rather - how two police students
could be the best of friends
with our help bak in the day!

Yet years later that fate
suddenly came back!
as Andres was shot
and we were sent to guide his sainted heart
straight to Heaven away!. . .

We questioned not
for he questioned never
all his police duties
year after year -
and just did them in love always ever
beyond what we could ever say or do watching here.

We only stood in amazement - angel amazement!
at such a good heart!
and helping people
or arresting  crooks,
stopping crime
without thought to his own safety
-or that he could get hurt, shot and at anytime part!

How inspiring!
How so like us!
yet how like him we still want to be!
-just like andres in every way courageous
that could ever humanly be!

And the brother buddy Luis - 
somehow deeply knew his friends great mission,
that this rare final cross
was holding all such a deep deep value even
for his brother buddy
on that fateful day.
-yet he missed him, he grieved him,
he shouted inside a loud "Why?"
and he walked around hollow and often did cry
-yet understood the valiant valor
that his brother Andres embraded
in such a noble way!

And I ask - Dave I ask thought I am angel"
now did Andres from our far far Heaven?
or Heaven actually closer
at the beats of brother Luis's
good beating heart - 
- now did Andres from our far far Heaven?
or Heaven actually closer
at the beats of brother Luis's
good beating heart -
- now did Andres from Heaven know early that day,
that morning of April 21st
that his very own brother buddy
would be shot and pass away?

But perhaps he felt the moments
of it coming on, thundering quickly
louder than the firings of that gun!
-and he ran and wrapt his brother
in brotherly arms of love-
to shield him from all Heaven or earth from all harm! that day!

--- Yet in the next moment
he only heard from God -
"Yes be his good guard!
and carry him here home!."
"I will Sir, Andres answered, "I do Sir.
My brother is not alone."

"Forget what happens there -
just come Luis with me!
Choirs are singing . . .
young Mary is even Little Jesus bringing!
Look! Now he's glorious and thirty-three!
Friend! You're not alone!
A shot? - Some shots? - From earth?
Why forget it now!
Heaven has a more soft and gracious tone.
All living heaven only sings here!
- as poor dusty earth there
only means! . . ."
"And I've been here - yet with you there on earth
since that day that I was shot too - 
For who can separate two of Living Faith?
-us from the love of God
Who blesses us with strength and true life each day anew!

"Brother - we're brothers in Heaven too!
And as the Bible ever has sworn - all the Life of Him has won!
what we lived was true!
What He gae was for all and me and you!

"Look now! - all the officers from Chicago!
who have passed like you and me - 
O how they line and light your way!
They're saluting your work
and your blest eternity
- with more than they can ever say!."

By Diane Klima