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Season 4 Broadcasting Across The U.S. 

The beloved music and travel series Ireland with Michael on PBS has surpassed an impressive milestone – over 40,000 individual episode airings across the U.S. in just two and a half years. Season four, currently airing on PBS stations, continues Emmy-nominated singer Michael Londra's exploration of the Emerald Isle.

This engaging program blends fun, adventure, and cultural immersion, showcasing the vibrant tapestry of Irish life. Launched in May 2021, Ireland with Michael has become a PBS powerhouse. Airing on 642 stations across 48 states, it reaches a staggering 97% of U.S. households. Ireland with Michael also streams on Hulu and will shortly be added to the Amazon Prime Video lineup.

Transatlantic travelers on Aer Lingus’ 18 routes from the U.S. can also catch Season 4 as part of the in-flight programming from July 2024. Season Four: An Immersive Irish Adventure This season, Michael takes viewers on a captivating journey through Ireland's hidden gems, cultural treasures, and stunning landscapes. Each episode is a celebration of Irish beauty, featuring breathtaking coastlines, historic castles, and awe-inspiring architecture.

The eight half-hour episodes are packed with panoramic footage, charming town explorations, and captivating performances by renowned musicians and dancers. Michael invites viewers to experience the warmth and talent of the Irish people as they share their stories and traditions. "Ireland is all the more wondrous due to the artistry, talent, and authenticity of its people," affirms Michael Londra.

Each episode unfolds like a chapter in a grand Irish saga, exploring majestic castles, epic outdoor adventures, and charming towns along Ireland's iconic routes. Highlights of Season Four: • Exploring majestic castles and the Wild Atlantic Way • Learning the bodhrán in Killaloe and exploring the Aillwee Caves • Indulging in Michelin-starred pub fare and a Game of Thrones tour • Unveiling the art of lace making, historical sites, and artisanal marvels • Experiencing a treetop walk, a concert pianist in a sheep farm, and lively folk music • Visiting the Ulster Folk Museum and encountering exceptional artists • Featuring a Traditional Irish Music crawl with Belfast’s Shamrock Tenors.

Alison Metcalfe, Executive Vice President Tourism Ireland, North America said, "Tourism Ireland is delighted to be associated with the increasingly popular 'Ireland with Michael’ PBS production which continues to reach a huge number of viewers nationwide. Michael is also a wonderful Ambassador for our global campaign entitled ‘Fill your heart with Ireland’, the concept for which is all about celebrating the different ways in which the island of Ireland fills the hearts of our visitors and of locals – inviting potential vacationers to come and experience those for themselves. The Ireland with Michael series and its focus on music and culture, is a great example of our brand being brought to life, as it highlights the rich and authentic visitor experiences, set against breath-taking landscapes, and accompanied by our warm Irish welcome.”

Join Michael Londra, supported by Tourism Ireland, C.I.E Tours, Aer Lingus, and public television viewers, as he wraps up another unforgettable season. Pre-production for Season 5 is already underway, with the shoot expected to wrap mid-May 2024.

Beyond the Television Series The "Ireland with Michael" brand extends beyond the screen, offering immersive experiences like guided tours of Ireland, a travel guidebook, live concert tours, and an upcoming "Travel with Michael" club and podcast. For more information, upcoming episodes, and behind-the-scenes content, go here!