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GrannyMac®  Keeping Celtic Traditions Alive

GrannyMac® Bake-At-Home Mixes
Baking is deeply rooted into the Celtic culture, GrannyMac® has captured these traditional tastes and textures of the Ireland and British Isles with these classic generational Bake-At-Home mixes. Irish Soda Bread, Brown Bread, Scones, Fancy Scones, Shortbread, and Scottish Oat Pancakes.

Back in 1997 Neville Gardner and his wife Linda decided to open Granny McCarthy’s Tea Room and Bakery in their building in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (right behind Donegal Square their Celtic import shop). Linda and Neville took an exploratory tour to Ireland to find the best Brown Bread in the country. Neville's mother and his aunt Sally had great recipes for Brown Bread or Wheaten bread as it’s called in Northern Ireland where he grew up, so he had some good options to start with!

They ended up deciding on a recipe from the Lifeforce Mill in Cavan Town, an old mill built to provide work during the famine and renovated in the mid 1990s. They read an article on the Mill in Ireland of the Welcomes Magazine and as a result visited the mill.

The tour involved learning the mills history and mixing up your own loaf of wonderful brown bread to bake while taking the tour. Sampling the fresh bread after the tour complete with butter and jam and a big mug of tea convinced them that we had the best brown brewed in Ireland. 

They imported the Wholemeal from the Mill for years as Wholemeal is the secret component to brown bread not available in North America, and later figured out their own blend of locally sourced grains to create their own wholemeal and mix. 

After years of selling Brown Bread and their Brown Bread mix successfully to 1000s of customers, they decided to Trademark their Brown Bread mix along with Soda Bread, Traditional and Fancy Scones, Shortbread and Scottish Oat Pancakes, all items that they have been selling successfully in Granny McCarthy’s and McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub - the restaurant and Pub which they morphed into Granny McCarthy’s Tea Room and bakery.

Here is a LINK to their site to try it for yourself, and let them know you found them in Irish American News!

And a link to the pub: 
Neville Gardner
President McCarthy’s Irish Pub Inc