Highlander Assault was born in 2017 as an alternative to the big box obstacle races and mud runs who have saturated the industry with high prices and cookie cutter obstacles. The Highlander Team set out for something new and ever evolving.

What makes our event unique is we have based our event on the ancient sports of the Scottish Highland Games and the great warriors of the Scottish rebellion, creating a fun atmosphere in our Highlander Village and fierce competition out on the course. We have created an entirely new experience for everyone.

Highlander Assault hosts three unique events each year when including our virtual event.

Dark Ages 5k Night Obstacle Race takes place every Spring. Headlamp wearing Dark Ages racers, traverse a torch lit course covering 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles with 20 obstacles. If 5 kilometers is not enough for you, we also have an unlimited laps competition for you endurance warriors.

Highlander Assault takes place in early Autumn. This event features four distances to choose from, starting at 4 miles, all the way up to an obstacle marathon 26.2 miles, with 23 to 120 obstacles!

highlander Assault Race Course 1911 W. Fernview Ln. Holiday Hills Il 60051

Kids ages 11 and older may run our events!