DEREK BYRNE & PADDYGRASS are known for their musical style of a combination of Celtic, Bluegrass and Gospel.  They have been on the music scene for the past 15 years and have assembled a collective of Wisconsin's best folk musicians.  On their new album THREADS the band set out to make their sound bigger and feature all of the players who have recorded or played with the group.  The name of the album comes from the idea that every gig the band does has a thread for their set list, with ideas from all the players.  After working new songs at live shows for most of 2022, they took January 2023 off to record the new album.  So many great musicians are woven together in the fabric of Paddygrass - Irish, Bluegrass, Gospel and so much more - it's hard to know where one style ends and another begins. Paddygrass is a tightly knit family growing closer with every note.

Band leader Derek Byrne says, “Sara Kilpatrick wrote some amazing horn parts. We've featured Saxophone, Tuba and Clarinet before, but only as solos, never together as a complete horn section. So, we added, Trombone, Trumpet and French Horn. Go big or go home.  All our soloists came in and put their talents to the music. Harmonica, Mandolin, Viola, Bodhran, Piano, Drumset, bass and banjo, then we added backing vocals. This is our most ambitious recording ever. Close to 20 musicians are on this album! Peter Carlson had to edit and mix all the layers of sound on each track. It's a testament to his skill and patience as a producer. He's been with the band 15 years, so he knows us better than anyone.”

Derek Byrne & Paddygrass shows are spontaneous, special guests arrive and become part of the magic. No matter how many times you see us there is always something new to discover, including Irish Step Dancers! Whatever happens, their music will move you to sing, dance, drink and forget all else.
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