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We all have that one “difficult” person or client that seems impossible to shop for. Whether they appear to have everything they need or need everything that no one else has,  Let me introduce you to Nancy Schoeck and Maeve Moriarty, founding partners of Climate SMART™. They have the solution to “leaf” behind your holiday shopping woes.

These two friends joined forces after the realization that they wanted to contribute to a sustainable future and leave a legacy recognized for the positive ripple effect it created. With decades of experience in the major sports and events industries, they decided to partner up and get some work done in the area of climate action and as a result Climate SMART™ was created. Together they are on a mission to plant Native Irish trees to help expand and rewild ancient woodlands in Ireland.

The perfect holiday gift, trees don’t require a gift receipt. This unique gift feels good to give knowing you are making a positive impact on the planet, creating a legacy for your company or family, honoring someone's memory, or commemorating a special occasion. They are never the wrong size or color and are guaranteed to always be in style. Tree packages range from 5 trees ($125) to 100 trees ($1400) and custom quotes can be provided for larger groves. Curated custom planting experiences can also be arranged while in Ireland. In addition, you don’t just receive an email receipt but a beautiful personalized certificate and Google Earth coordinates to track your grove. These holiday trees will be planted on sites that have live CCTV cameras, perfect for unveiling at a corporate holiday party or family gathering. Trees can be funded by businesses, organizations, and individuals. 

These sustainable gifts are an eco-friendly alternative that lasts a lifetime. The boundaries of existing woodlands are being expanded in an effort to reconnect long-separated woods by planting alongside these natural corridors. Ancient woodland expansion equals faster impact helping to contribute to positive climate action. Trees are protected forever with no harvesting or development. Trees are planted and managed organically, with no chemicals. You can visit your trees, and literally see your legacy grow. This is an investment into Ireland’s Natural Heritage. Although the main planting season for seedlings is from November through April, Native Irish trees are able to be planted year-round. 

The one-time cost is minimal, the impact is far-reaching and will be felt for generations. 

Please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information on how you, or your organization can Plant It For The Planet™ and give the gift of holiday trees.