Propaganda is common to politics, corporate advertising and belief systems. The tools of the trade were formulated and sharpened by the grandson of Sigmund Freud, Edward Bernays, “the father of public relations”.  Named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life, Bernays was both a very public and a very deep-state figure. Early on, he worked under President Wilson using fear and patriotism to convince a then isolationist America that entering World War I was justified and necessary.  Successful propaganda relies on targeting (or creating) topics of public interest by playing on prevailing beliefs and attitudes, changing negatives by emotional appeals and peer pressure. The product (or idea) is made appealing, marking the viewer as knowledgeable, elite and part of an “in crowd”. Bernays persuaded women to smoke by branding cigarettes as feminist “torches of freedom”. He hired women to smoke their freedom torches while marching prominently in the popular Easter Sunday Parade of 1929. He also worked with the United Fruit Company and CIA to topple the elected government of Guatemala, replacing it with a military dictatorship.

I wonder if the left and its global-minded backers were surprised in 2016 by the effectiveness of propaganda when they released their “October surprise”- the 2005 Access Hollywood tape- and found how easy it was to herd platoons of American women into their crusade, parading about in pussy hats, chanting “not my president”.

Michael Bloomberg, presidential candidate and one of the world’s richest ($48 B) men, uttered one statement that exemplified the power of propaganda to produce both dizzying wealth and piteous delusion. He declared in a speech at Oxford University’s Business School: “I can teach anybody – even people in this room, so no offense intended – to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, you add water, up comes corn.” That attitude is emblematic of leftist’s outlook:

imperial vs empirical
Consider Movement efforts to “occupy” America that resulted in a pitiful, short-lived “CHOP garden” in Seattle’s six-block “autonomous zone”- a few sprouts poking out of the ground- a new-age lemonade stand on the edge of the continent, earnestly and tenderly tended by hippie kids until dinner time arrived with the realization that supermarkets trashed in their joyous revolution were not going to be restocked for them.

The ‘Movement’, led by aging hip-replaced hippies and violent ‘peace’ radicals of the Vietnam era, preaches that the US is not good enough, and that its population of 328 million must be absorbed into some as yet undefined utopian world government 25 times its size, with an impossibly diverse population of 7.8 billion. How this might be accomplished when the world’s most populous nation, China, imposes immigration policies strictly excluding all but a handful who are not ethnic Han Chinese, is not explained.

The left severed its obligation to America by ending the draft, one of the most unifying institutions in this disparate country that brought together sons of city shopkeepers to serve beside sons of sharecroppers. Few took a lesson from the sorry end of the Vietnam War they so vigorously resisted. The killing fields followed, repeating Stalin’s bloody purges in pursuit of Alinsky’s shining path dictum: the end justifies any means, even mass murder, to “purify” society. Democrats at the moment are calling for a political purge of all who resisted their “resistance”, and want to dismantle constitutional buttresses of the republic, including the electoral college and filibuster. Packing the Supreme Court, opening borders and creating new states are also on the agenda, aimed at assuring a permanent democrat majority and an end to America’s great noble experiment.

When the Million MAGA March arrived in Washington to protest election irregularities, big media tried to downplay the size of the march. Studio anchors asked street reporters to comment on violence, guns, “white supremacists” and Proud Boys, none of which were evident that day. They studiously avoided mention of the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA thugs on the streets, attacking lone marchers, usually from behind, in their standard cowardly fashion.  Yet, as I write I’m surprised to hear that some major news outlets actually chided BLM for attacking “peaceful” marchers. I believe it’s a sign that the puppeteer wizards are convinced of victory and are telling the useful idiots who caused $2 billion in property damage this year, smashing, burning, looting and shooting, to go home; they are no longer needed.

BLM’s Marxist co-founder Patrisse Cullors has requested a meeting with Joe Biden to discuss the movement’s agenda and present expectations for the incoming administration. Cullors says Black people “want to be heard and our agenda to be prioritized…We want something for our vote… take your direction from Black grassroots organizers that have been engaged in this work for decades”.

Meanwhile, President Trump’s lawyer Sidney Powell told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that CIA director Gina Haspel should be fired for ignoring warnings about Dominion voter software. “We’re collecting evidence now from various whistleblowers that are aware of substantial sums of money being given to family members of state officials who bought this software… Nobody in our government has paid any attention to it, which makes me wonder how much the CIA has used it for its own benefit in different places.”
In an interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Powell said she was “working on the massive aspect of system-wide election fraud, definitely affecting the 2020 election and going far beyond that. We’re talking about the alteration and changing of millions of votes.” Pirro mentioned that Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar had objections to the machines. Powell: “Carolyn Maloney (D, NY) I think was the first one, and she mentioned a report on it … all the articles she cited have been wiped from the internet in the last few days…” She went further: “The money creating it came out of Venezuela and Cuba. It was created for the express purpose of being able to alter votes and secure the re-election of Caesar Chavez, and then Maduro. They used it in Argentina… exported it to other countries, and it is one huge, huge criminal conspiracy. It should be investigated by military intelligence for its national security implications.” Pirro appeared a bit shocked: “It… “Yes, yes. It ah it… Hopefully… the Department of Justice, but… but, who knows anymore.”

So, who benefits when the gates swing open again and the caravans resume? Only the new media moguls sweeping billions in profits out to offshore tax havens?

Ireland may point to a solution. Europe’s top antitrust authority, The European Commission, claimed in 2016 that the Irish government had granted Apple an illegal advantage, keeping the iPhone maker’s tax bill artificially low for more than 20 years. It ruled that Apple owed Ireland €13 billion ($14.9 billion) in unpaid taxes. Now, you’d think this would have been great news to the Irish, since the monster bank bailout of 2008 made each person in the Republic poorer by an estimated $10,000. But surprisingly the Irish Government instead defended Apple, saying it didn’t want those billions in taxes that went to Bermuda; and Apple eventually won its case. (Facebook is facing a similar suit from the IRS for $9 billion.) Ireland is happy being a tax haven, because foreign tech giants pay over 80% of all Irish corporate taxes and indirectly half of all Irish salary taxes. The estimated value of US investment in Ireland is €334 billion; that’s higher than the Republic’s annual GDP.

And here in Delaware it’s hard to believe a tiny building at 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington is headquarters to 300,000 corporations including Apple, eBay, Walmart, Verizon, Coca Cola, and American Airlines. In fact, Joe Biden’s Delaware hosts over a million business entity registrations; more firms than people in the little state.

So, when already fabulously rich corporations which funded the “resist” chaos of the past four years head offshore again; and more unskilled, undocumented millions arrive, dreaming of la dolce vita USA; how will you benefit? Will the warm aura of holy left righteousness suffice through winters to come? Or can your state cook up a magic wand and become a tax haven like tiny Ireland and Delaware? Dream on.

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