Her father, a veteran of the Korean War, abandoned her in childhood and broke her heart. A single mom now, she and her son travel to Ireland to visit her beloved grandmother. There she learns the startling truth about her father. Back home, when he suddenly turns up seeking to make amends, she has a painful choice to make. Available in paperback and ebook format. Book club recommended.
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Cronin's stories have appeared in Woman's World Magazine, The Golden Domer, Good Old Days Magazine, Spark, Kaleidoscope Magazine, and Dappled Things. Wein and Eber published her poem "Ode to Fr. Mulcahy" in their 2020 anthology. Cronin is the author of The Gift Counselor, endorsed by Publishers Weekly 2021 Indie Spotlight as "goodwill for adults." Best of All Gifts is the sequel. She is at work on the third installment in the Gift Counselor series.

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