The Ebony Cross: New Book by Anne Cassidy Waters Available Now


A family saga of love and loss, war and turmoil.

A world at war and the ancient land of Ireland makes a thrust for independence from the fading British Empire.
Bridie struggles to find her place and break the boundaries of her class and gender.
Danny is also searching and together they attempt to forge their own path.

Can Ellen put aside the shock of witnessing her brothers take the life of a neighbour, in order to help Sarah who has been violated.
The unity of the farm and the three brothers, Liam, Seamus and Ciaran is further fractured when the ebony cross, a symbol of freedom and conflict, is removed.
This is the story of the McShane family, and the bitterness that developed as Ireland struggled for nationhood.

Anne Cassidy Waters - I have always been proud of my Irish heritage and intrigued by Irish history and the fight for independence. My further studies, focussing on Social Justice, with an emphasis on politics and equality, encouraged me to better understand and question the turbulent years at the turn of the 20th Century. My first novel 'The Ebony Cross' depicts both the struggle for Irish independence, but also how women managed to find their own way, and occupy their own space, despite the gendered barriers in place within the new Republic. I hope you enjoy it and I would be delighted to receive your comments.
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