There was great delight across social media when two of the little girls from the front cover of Old Ireland in Colour, taken in Kerry in 1946, were identified recently.

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On St Stephen’s Day, the authors received photographs of one Kathleen Ryle, née Kavanagh, proudly holding a copy of the book. She received a copy for Christmas from one of her children who, having spotted it on Facebook, recognised their mother as one of the little girls on the book cover. Kathleen has lived in New York for many years.
Then in February, Eileen Fergus, née Sullivan, was also identified. Eileen lives in Chicago. Like Kathleen, Eileen is hale and hearty and instantly recognisable.
Finally, a few weeks later, there came a photo of Sean O’Sullivan, taken through the window of his hospital room in Kerry by his niece Mary.
These are the three surviving individuals from the cover, and they were all overwhelmed to see themselves on a best-selling book cover.
This story also reflects the very emotional responses we received from the book from families with members who are suffering with dementia or Alzheimer’s, who had very happy, poignant reactions to receiving the book. The book also played a happy role in the daily lives of elderly people isolated in hospitals and care homes during lockdowns.